A Groupie jumping across the PEACEVOID
  • An annual report for PEACEVOID.
  • A passage into my mind to understand where I stand, how I’m doing, and what I’m doing.
  • A heart to heart with the PEACEFUL GROUPIES community.
Two of my first NFTs ever, dated November 2020.
‘the utility of art’
‘you already made it, just didn’t realize it yet’
Tyler, me and Ev
Meditating Groupie

So, you may be wondering, what does this mean, why am I writing this article, what’s next?

Well, the truth is, this is me telling all holders, collectors, and fans of my work that I, YON, am ready for the next phase of the PEACEVOID. This is me letting you all know that as a creator, artist, and builder I have never been more motivated and ready for what’s to come regarding the future of this project.



  • Being a creative hub for artists, photographers, musicians, comedians, etc, as a place to empower and connect with each other.
  • Put the PEACEVOID and PEACEFUL GROUPIES in front of as many eyes as possible through out of body and unique art, real-world and metaverse activations, and connecting with community members and collectors through social media platforms.
  • Empower the Latin community through Spanish-speaking initiatives, such as LATEgm Twitch streams
  • Innovative and never seen before utility within the space, which has since included our very own decentralized marketplace, a ‘puzzle’ on our website to collect FREE artworks, and much more.
  • Collaborating and partnering with a range of people, from Fortune 500 companies, to other NFT project founders, and even community members, to help bring Groupies to life.
  • Community lead initiatives, we want to hear more voices! Enabling community members to suggest new ideas, and even joining in helping us create it.
  • A metadata refresh
  • A secondary collection
  • A tertiary collection
  • A clothing line
  • A subsidiary lifestyle brand
  • The Continued activation of puzzle pieces and marketplace drops
  • The Continued IRL activations
  • Twitch streams and live drawing sessions with YON
  • Further community development and building
  • Activating, educating, and expanding the Spanish speaking community
  • And of course, more dope art!



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Metaverse's most colorful festival and home of the PEACEFUL GROUPIES.