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THE PERRiS: A fragment of music history in the making

After more than a year of work, THE PERRiS, a web3-native digital band, is getting ready for their self·titled album drop on November 16th, 2022.
This will be THE PERRiS’ very first album, released as an NFT collection of 1,111 unique copyright-free songs.

We’re very excited to be incubating this beautifully crafted project.

Not only will it change the music industry, but also will change the PEACEVOID itself, as from now on, we’re going to be rebranding to PEACEVOID & CC0mpany.

A Groupie, searching for world peace in a trash dumpster.

🌈☮️ PEACEVOID & CC0mpany

We’ve been carrying the CC0 flag over our shoulders for a good time with the PEACEFUL GROUPIES. It opened the doors to a lot of fun third-party projects made by our community, such as new collections, exhibitions, artworks, merchandise, etc. that we just looove to see.

But we feel that we haven’t been loud enough about it. We were struggling to make people notice and take advantage of the true artistic value of our project.
We want the world to be peaceful, and want to contribute to that.
That’s PEACEVOID after all. An art movement and constant experiment in the search of new ways to make, share and incentivize art.

That’s why we’re going big on CC0.
To create the most colorful free-to-use ecosystem of living pieces of art.

And THE PERRiS are here to help us achieve that mission…


They are the original soundtrack of the PEACEVOID.
Their musical pieces are chill, enjoyable and colorful. All the instrumentals carry a bit of nostalgia with them, you’ll spot it right away on the first listening.

The band, founded by a BAYC, a PEACEFUL GROUPIE and a DEADFELLAZ, are here to revolutionize how music is made and distributed, and how bands interact with their community.

They composed, recorded and arranged more than 500 tracks in different instruments, keys and tempos. Using drums, guitars, synths, samples, and way more.
Then, thanks to their tool called “AlgoRythm”, they were able to generate 1,111 unique songs that are split into 6 different types: Hip-Hop, Lo-Fi, House, Trap, Indie and the Specials (11 super rare hand-crafted songs and artwork).

“Driving a Cadillac with VR” — One of the eleven Special songs.

The idea was clear: to create a music album where no song is recorded standalone from each other. But instead, recording a whole album at the same time.

Creating this way, what is going to be the biggest digital album in history (being surpassed by 111 to the actual Guinness Record).

Jam session — A fragment of the “House” music cover.

NFTs as a new way of distributing our music independently.

For years, music labels and streaming platforms have been around to help artists market their music, and hit the charts.

However, emerging artists were often dealt a bad hand. The label would take advantage of them simply because they didn’t have much leverage to negotiate a mutually beneficial deal.
They grew up listening to bands that were signed under the names of Universal, RCA Records, Elektra, etc. So it made complete sense, they thought signing for a label was not only a good idea, but also the only way to succeed.

So this ideology made artists sign all kinds of crazy contracts and deals that sounded cool in the short term, but would rip them off in the long term.
Why? because these labels ended up owning all their masters, meaning they would own the copyrights to all of their songs.

“🔐 Not your keys, not your crypto.
💿 Not your masters, not your music either!”

The 5 different genres, as 5 different covers.

But not all labels are evil. After all, they front studio costs, finance recording sessions, CD press, put your music up in Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, etc. and even take your songs to the radio station.

But what if you’re able to do all of the above, while having complete ownership of your music and the distribution of it?

That’s what THE PERRiS aim to! they’re a completely independant band. They are the musicians, the artists, the marketing advisors, the devs, the distributors, everything.

“It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.
Being in full control of your art feels good man!”

NFTs are a fresh way to change the relationship between a band and its audience.
That’s why their first album is being released as a digital collectible, to get closer to the supporters, know them better, interact, share and truly make them part of the process.
To create a community, not a fan base. And to make this community part of the whole process.

The entire album* is being released under the CC0 terms (no rights reserved) in order for the community to get involved as much as possible.
Sing over it or set the beat on fire with your freestyle, sample and chop it to create new sounds or do your own remixes, you have complete freedom!
*In exception of the 11 Special songs.

“🎟️ NFTs are a fresh tool to change our relation within communities.
🎸 THE PERRiS is a fresh way to change our relation to music.”

A Groupie finding a mysterious album on the dumpster.

Distributing the tracks as NFTs allows them to:
· Authenticate every song or album they put out on-chain.
· Finance the work they’ve put in for the past year to compose, record and create the album.
· Pay the musicians, artists and devs involved in the project.
· Being able to grow the team to keep developing experiences.
· Being able to record new music.

It will help them become a true web3 band.
But anyways, it wouldn’t be their first steps into web3 and its community, as they’ve been already touring the Metaverse hosting pre-listenings of their upcoming album all over Decentraland.

With more than 10 meta·shows in the past 2 months, they positioned the band among other great artists such as Björk, Ozzy Osbourne and more, participating in the biggest Metaverse festival to this date; the MVMF.


And if you couldn’t make it to the show, we’re sorry…because it was absolutely STUNNING.
They made the official presentation of their LiVE SHOW — an audiovisual experience, featuring THE PERRiS playing a live session in their very own way.

It is really hard to describe it, so we recommend you click the link and judge it by yourself. Be prepared, though. It’s a one-way ticket.


A PEACEFUL GROUPIE playing keys, a fragment of THE PERRiS’ LiVE SHOW.

THE PERRiS is a fragment of music history in the making. No cap.

They are a huge step in tomorrow’s music, today, and we invite you to follow along on their journey.

Again, we’re incredibly excited to expand our universe, now bringing music to your life, so you can live the PEACEVOID experience as it is:
Beautiful and trippy. Trippyful.

🚨 Before wrapping up, REMINDERS:
· Do Your Own Research. This an artistic project, the utility is what you make of it.
· If you’re a holder of any of the following collections, you’re granted to be on the Recording·List: PEACEFUL GROUPIES, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Deadfellaz.
· Drink water, eat fruit and spread positiveness!

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· YouTube

“DATA_BUS” — One of the eleven Special songs.

🖤 With love and !groovy vibes,




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